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How To Develop a Mobile-Friendly Website?

Follow the below-mentioned steps and develop your mobile-friendly website. For today's generation, it is very necessary to create mobile-friendly app and website as most of the new generation use phone for searching and other work.

Website Responsive

In order to make Website friendly, it is very important to make your website responsive to mobile, tab and other devices. Your website page on opening on mobile should open properly and it should not cut down any section. Users can easily open another tab on mobile.

Less Loading Time

The website should easily open on your phone and it not take so must loading time. It is a very negative impact on the website if it takes too much loading time as if the website takes time to open then users ultimately cancel the process and this thing can increase the bounce rate of the website.

Viewport Meta Tag

By including Viewport Meta Tag you can easily control your website for opening on mobile. As if in case your website is opening on your mobile like desktop view then ut will be quite awkward and it will be difficult to operate it. By using this tag you can manage your website and can make it mobile-friendly
Example of Viewport Meta Tag - meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1″

Use AutoCorrect Mode On Form

If we use desktop then it is quite easy to recorrect the incorrect details mentioned on the form but while filling the form from a mobile it is quite difficult to correct the filled information so for making it easy and for making it friendly do enable autocorrect mode on the website forms.

Use Button Size That Can Be Easily Used On Phone

Do not use small button tabs on the website as it is quite difficult to use it on mobile so always prefer the button size which will be suitable for mobile as this will also make your website compatible.

Large Font Size

Do use large font size as by using small font size it is not easy to read the content present on the website so always choose the size which fits your mobile and other devices. If the user opened the website on the phone then he/she will not able to read what is written then it will be negative for your site.

Optimize Image and CSS

If you are will use an optimized Image and CSS then it will take less loading time. Optimizing Image doesn't mean that you use a blurred image it means that you use a high-quality image but its size should be less.

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