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How Does Our iOS App Design Lead To Apple Store?

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We rigidly stick to the Apple Store reviewing norms that are based on content, technical, and design criteria

iOS app developers at Nixxit IT Solutions are quite known about how an Apple Store works and including we also know how to maintain the featured app on top

How Does Nixxit Build Chart-topping iOS Apps?

  • unique invention

    Unique Invention

    Our divergent thinking compliments us to present unique iOS development solutions that are cherished by our respected customers.

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    Brand Booster

    We choose a feature explicit strategy while formulating apps. And, this has led to creating apps that build brand acknowledgment.

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    Team Harmony

    Starting from app speculation to implementation, our organization takes the assessment with great care. The team plans clout to accouch class service to our customers.

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    Better Success Rate

    We are famous for our high achievement rate in the app market. Our development team works relentlessly to present the design in a fair time.

4 Stages For iOS App Development


Start with the searching session


In this step, we strongly examine the various industry aims and all gather the information related to their latest project. By this, we perform the app research.

mobile app discover


Our customers share their ideas with us, which they need in their iOS app. We begin by crafting a complete application development cycle.


Our Ideation

We develop a perfect combination of our and clients' ideas and present a unique and attractive iOS development solution that raises company growth.


App Strategizing

We provide a plan by analyzing the requirements, users’ interest, and competitive strategies. After this, we express our plan of development for an iOS mobile app


App Detailing

After the cautious analysis of the target market, we transfer toward the profile detailing. So, we will initiate the layout of your app concept.



Let's shape appearance of an app


Now, we have your funds, features, users, and timeline. So, it is time to work on the design part, where we work on the app UI/UX.

mobile app design


In this stage, we try to work on the users' guidelines and we also brainstorm various potential ideas to inspire them. Finally, we describe a design, which can completely fit their stipulations and insights.


Wireframing & Prototyping

We begin building the screen blueprint by various wireframes of the app. Those outlines are sent to the customers so that they get the significance of the design


Work On Feedback

We send design mockups to the customers and welcome their feedback. To create an excellent iOS application, we use questionnaires, briefs, and mood boards.


Visual Design

With a brand goal, users, and client feedback in hand, we begin the formulation of the final design. To provide splendid usability, and excellent UX, we use perfect colors, symbolism, imagery, pattern, and forms.



Time to prepare the development engine​


Our iOS developers work with artistry while preparing the design. Once finishing that stage, they finally fix the code to assure that it works glitch-free.

We apply languages like Objective-C and Swift, and SQLite database. For structures, we have Cocoa Controls, Cocoa Touch, Native SDK, Cocos2D, etc. Our creators can work on the platforms, including MAC OS Maverick, Yosemite, and macOS Sierra.



As Apple has more robust guidelines for submission, our quality technicians test its all features to make sure that no fault is left and also check whether the app is running smoothly or not.

We perform both manual and automated examination. Moreover, we go ahead with all the states, such as usability, appearance, security agreement and device testing.

mobile app development


Once we fix the application bugs. It is time to move towards the submission on the Apple store or in-house deployment.



Ever-moving wheel of growth
mobile app support and maintenance

Professional Assistance & Maintenance

Being known as the superior iOS app development agency, we assure you that your app will stay updated. And, we utilize the most advanced enterprise and security contracts while doing it.



App marketing is important for its success. We arrange a result oriented iOS app marketing plan that elevates your application on a global scale.

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Our iOS specialists can accomplish any kind of app design in your brain, such as AR/VR, IoT, wearable, etc

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What process do you follow for building an iOS app?

    We align resources, which include project manager, UI/UX designer, developers and quality analysts. Our team goes with Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that minimize cost and failure risks.

  • How much cost will I spend to get my iOS app built?

    Yes, we allow to hire developer for hourly or based on tasks/projects. We also provide you flexibility to change the hiring model at a later stage of project development. You can contact us to get more details about hiring resources.

  • How ready is your team with languages and frameworks to build iOS app?

    Our team is apprised of the languages swift and Objective-C. In terms of frameworks, they know Native SDK, Cocos2D, CoCoa Controls, Cocoa Touch, and more. We keep updating our team.

  • Can you name some industries you created iOS apps for?

    We built iOS apps for diverse industries. The list includes, finance, sports, retail, healthcare, social networking and many more. As per requirement, we can work for any industry.

  • How much graphics can I use to enhance overall look and feel of the app?

    It is totally up to you. We always remain open to our clients’ suggestions in terms of the color scheme, graphics, icons and other details. Our designers make use of the logo and associated branding elements to accomplish your bespoke requirements.

  • Will I own the legal rights of my application?

    Of course! These are our client for whom we made the application. The team at Sparx IT Solutions builds the app, and the client holds its absolute legal rights.

  • Can you market my app? If yes, share some steps!

    Yes, we can do app marketing for you. Once you hire us for app marketing, we go step by step. First, we conduct a deep research on the competitors. Second, we comprehend the market size. Third, we build a business plan to share with you. After your approval, we start the process.

  • How would I connect to mobile app developers?

    We have different channels to communicate. So, you can choose any of them, Skype, call, email, chat and more. We have a project management system to send you regular daily, weekly or monthly reports.

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